Discover Caracole Modern

Modern Artisan
Beautifully understated, Modern Artisan furnishings are for spaces meant to be lived in and enjoyed. With only a few key elemental building blocks - cluster fumed oak, artisan metal and cast glass - the collection is richly comprised of warm, raw materials crafted into simple forms. The fumed cluster oak offers dramatic depth and visual interest. Soft, matte gold artisan metal brings forth a sculptural quality, like fine art pieces. Here, natural patina is a desired effect in the expression of raw beauty. Subtle imperfections, too, are meant to be appreciated, as they are often inherent in the crafting process, such as with casting glass. The collection melds the precision and efficiency of machine-made goods with the coveted character of things that are touched by the artisan’s hand. Modern Artisan reinterprets the modern furnishings genre to resonate with today’s emphasis on comfort and a yearning for authenticity.

Modern Craftsman
More than a collection, Modern Craftsman is a celebration of the artisan’s workmanship and artistry. Natural wood elements take center stage, combining with neutral fabrics and contrasting finishes for an effect that’s both sophisticated and timeless.
Modern Metro
Modern Metro takes its inspiration from metropolitan cityscapes. Strong architectural undertones and cool retro styling give this compelling collection of modern essentials an urban-worthy vibe. Perfectly scaled to be in harmony with lower ceilings and tight spaces and designed with multi-functional capabilities. Adaptability is what makes this collection the envy of urban dwellers.